Tourmalines worldwide

GSW,35 - Tourmaline

Location: Cruzeiro Mine,Sao Jose da Safira,Minas Gerais,Brazil
Size: 1,1x3,7x0,8cm
Weight: 10,9g

From a classic and most productive mines in Minas Gerais. A beautiful lustrous bi-colored crystal with steep, pink termination and gemmy green body. Mining at Cruzeiro mine took place in 1915 and since then, several different pegmatite bodies have been worked out.

Price: SOLD

PW,22 - Tourmaline

Location: Himalaya Mine,Mesa Grande District,San Diego County,California,USA
Size: 1,8x6,3x1,8cm
Weight: 52,4g

One of the most famous mines in North America, with a rich production of gem-grade Tourmalines. This crystal grades from pink to green and back to pink again. Unusually for the mine, you see a good gemmyness throughout.

Price: 2350€

PW,54 - Tourmaline

Location: Barra do Salinas,Coronel Murta,Minas Gerais,Brazil
Size: 1,9x3,2x1,0cm
Weight: 8,0g

Rare "Mohrenkopf" Tourmaline from Brazil. Extremly interesting specimen, coming from a light blue to a colorless "Achroite" part, ending in a black termination! Minor Lepidolite visible at the bottom.

Price: 480€

WP,15 - Tourmaline

Location: Ogbomosho,Oyo State,Nigeria
Size: 2,0x2,5x1,4cm
Weight: 16,3g

Since the late 1990s, these characteristic smoky pink Rubellites took place on the market. This crystal is complete and has gem quality, the termination shows the typical Tourmaline faces. Ex. Peter Wondratschke collection.

Price: SOLD

WP,3 - Tourmaline

Location: Paprok,Kamdesh District,Nuristan Province,Afghanistan
Size: 2,8x5,5x2,0cm
Weight: 67,2g

An unusual Elbaite, that's a rare style and color pattern. The multiple termination is in perfect condition. The pegmatite field includes several different workings south of Paprok village, on the right side of Kehi Dara Valley. Ex. Francois Lietard specimen, ex. Peter Wondratschke collection.

Price: 2200€

GSW,115 - Tourmaline

Location: Veadinho claims,Marilac,Minas Gerais,Brazil
Size: 1,4x3,5x0,9cm
Weight: 10,4g

These typical Tourmalines come from a pegmatite district, NW of Marilac, not far away from Veadinho creek. Complete all arround, you see a nice grouping of two reddish-green crystals. The bottom is partly transparent, the green part gemmy.

Price: SOLD

WP,6 - Tourmaline

Location: Barra do Salinas,Coronel Murta,Minas Gerais,Brazil
Size: 1,1x4,4x0,8cm
Weight: 11,6g

What a great Tourmaline pencil. It is not huge in size, but the internal clarity is outstanding. Comming from a green bottom, most of the crystal shows a perfect blue color. The specimen comes from one of the several granite pegmatites, west of Coronel Murta. Ex. Peter Wondratschke collection.

Price: 2400€

WP,7 - Tourmaline

Location: Dara-i-Pech,Chapa Dara District,Konar Province,Afghanistan
Size: 1,8x2,7x1,8cm
Weight: 21,1g

Although you see a small crystal, I think it's a rarity. A complete gemmy, strong striated Verdelite with a very interesting multi-faceted termination in perfect condition. Ex. Peter Wondratschke collection.

Price: 1750€

GSW,81 - Tourmaline

Location: Cruzeiro Mine,Sao Jose da Safira,Minas Gerais,Brazil
Size: 0,8x2,4x0,7cm
Weight: 5,0g

An old classic Cruzeiro Tourmaline from the late 1960s. The color of the crystal is much stronger in person with several pink layers.

Price: SOLD

Pak 3,25 - Tourmaline on Clevelandite

Location: Stak Nala,Haramosh Mountains,Skardu District,Gilgit-Baltistan,Pakistan
Size: 3,2x2,6x2,2cm
Weight: 11,4g

Surrounded by well arranged Albite blades, this Tourmaline shows a olive-green color, ending in a 1mm termination of "Achroite". Stak Nala is the most productive Tourmaline location in Pakistan, this specimen was found in 2013.

Price: 150€

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