Alpine Minerals 1

GSW 5738 - Quartz

Location: Cavradi gorge,Curnera Valley,Tujetsch,Vorderrhein Valley,Grischun,Switzerland
Size: 5,8x12,0x5,3cm
Weight: 254g

A great collector specimen. Water-clear Quartz crystals, sitting on the typical matrix with small Calcites and minor Tourmaline. Cavradi gorge is one of the classic Alpine areas and regular blasting by the local "Strahlers" brings good material from time to time. You see the entrance to the narrow gorge in spring.

Price: €330

GSW 1612 - Smoky Quartz Gwindl

Location: Zinggenstock,Oberaar lake,Grimsel area,Hasli Valley,Bern,Switzerland
Size: 6,5x7,0x2,5cm
Weight: 164g

Smoky Quartz Gwindl from a famous swiss mountain. Beautiful dark color and great transparency are the plus points of this specimen. Some contact on the edges and one on the backside are not visible from the front, a nice Alpine Gwindl. The photo shows the "Vorderen Zinggenstock", where the huge clefts were located.

Price: SOLD

AF 1 - Fluorite

Location: Göscheneralp,Göschenen Valley,Uri,Switzerland
Size: 8,0x6,4x6,0cm
Weight: 264g

Pink Fluorite from a major find in 2014. Although this octahedral crystal is not gemmy, it shows a translucent pink color. The longest edge measures 5,5cm, which is big for alpine Fluorites! The frosted crystal is embedded in a matrix with small Adularias and a tiny Smoky Quartz.

Price: SOLD

KU 1,43 - Hematite

Location: Cavradi gorge,Curnera Valley,Tujetsch,Vorderrhein Valley,Grischun,Switzerland
Size: 5,0x4,0x5,0cm
Weight: 55g

Small, but very cute. This specimen shows the classic para genesis of this locality. Blades of very thin,glossy Hematites with minor Rutile on clear Quartz in combination with Adularias. Several clefts are worked out in the perpendicular wall.

Price: €480

GSW 5796 - Smoky Quartz

Location: Zinggenstock,Oberaar lake,Grimsel area,Hasli Valley,Bern,Switzerland
Size: 4,0x7,2x3,7cm
Weight: 108g

Smoky Quartz specimen from the well known "Rufibach cleft". The transparent, doubly terminated crystal measures 4,3x1,6cm and is perfectly perched on the edge of the granite matrix. Only one small point of attachment. Several small,gemmy "Smokys" are scattered over the matrix. Ernst Rufibach found this cleft in the late 1970s, for many years it produced hundreds of beautiful Smoky Quartz specimens. Oberaar lake and Zinggenstöcke in the evening.

Price: SOLD

KU 1,13 - Hematite

Location: Fibbia,Gotthard Massif,Tessin,Switzerland
Size: 6,8x7,0x6,0cm
Weight: 290g

Here you see a remarkable "Iron Rose" from one of the great European classic localities. A ball of thin Hematite blades with very good luster sits on Adularia matrix. Some points of attachment are visible, but overall, this is a great Alpine specimen. Comes from an old swiss collection.

Price: €1950

GSW 5213 - Emerald

Location: Leckbachrinne,Habach Valley,Hohe Tauern,Salzburg,Austria
Size: 2,4x7,3x3,7cm
Weight: 82g

Emerald from this classic Austrian locality. The 1,3cm crystal is sitting in the typical Biotite schist matrix and shows a nice deep green color. These Emeralds cannot compete with the Columbian ones, but keep in mind, that these samples come from an Alpine deposit! Mining was started in 1860 by Samuel Goldschmiedt from Vienna, different owners followed and for a long period and presently the Steiner family of Bramberg works at the different levels of the deposit.

Price: SOLD

GSW 1757 - Smoky Quartz

Location: Strem Valley,Tujetsch,Vorderrhein Valley,Grischun,Switzerland
Size: 5,5x7,0x3,6cm
Weight: 154g

Clear and lustrous Smoky Quartz cluster from the steep walls of the "Stremhörner". Only very small points of attachment visible. The area on the photo produced very nice Smoky Quartz and a few Gwindls.

Price: SOLD

GSW 5630 - Smoky Quartz

Location: Furka pass area,Goms,Wallis,Switzerland
Size: 6,5x4,5x3,5cm
Weight: 48g

Beautiful Smoky Quartz group from a beautiful area in Switzerland. This specimen features a bright brownish variety with good luster and gemmyness. The doubly terminated crystal measures 4cm. Comes from a find not far away from famous Rhone glacier.

Price: €270

GSW 1760 - Smoky Quartz Gwindl

Location: Strem Valley,Tujetsch,Vorderrhein Valley,Grischun,Switzerland
Size: 6,4x5,0x2,2cm
Weight: 92g

Very nice curved Smoky Quartz Gwindl. The edges are slightly covered with Chlorite, the main crystal is limpid, you can read a newspaper through it! This Gwindl is, like most of them, broken of the matrix, beside this, no damage present.

Price: SOLD

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